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We all want to keep our students engaged every single day, but who has the time that it takes to plan and develop all of those compelling lessons?  Designing and building great lessons is critical to great teaching, but it's often draining and always time consuming.

Of course your students deserve you at your very best every single day, but you shouldn't have to sacrifice every moment of your free time to make that a reality.

That's why you're going to love TeachArgument -- built from the ground up to give English teachers the tools, resources, and lessons that they need to bring engagement, rigor, and joy their students every day. 

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Karly C.

AP Lang Teacher

I am new to teaching AP Language this year.  As a third year teacher, I have been extremely overwhelmed.  Can I say that I am just so thrilled to have found you!  I just finished watching the Adele Rhetorical Analysis video, which is awesome.  Thank you for all that you do!

David V.

HS English Teacher

I'm a happy customer of the Deluxe English Teacher FunBox, and I like to keep up with what you guys are offering.  For the record, I obsessively craft my own stuff, and you guys are literally the only lesson plans I've ever shelled out cash for.  You are the only ones creating kick-ass stuff.

Dana H.

HS English Teacher

I just wanted to let you guys know how valuable your work has been for me.  The materials you post are worth their weight in gold.  Not sure how often you receive messages like this, but I think I speak for every English teacher on your site when I say thank you, thank you, thank you.

Beth R.

College Professor

These resources are FABULOUS.  I have used nearly every lesson in my classroom and the classroom conversation around each topic has been awesome.  I feel like TeachArgument is one of the best kept secrets in English teacher circles.  Keep them coming, and thank you for everything!


Daniel Hayes

AP Lang & Comp Teacher, FL

"I like to discuss books, ponder the metaphorical resonance of waves crashing, wear monocles, and other things associated with English teachers."

Amanda Cardenas

ELA & Creative Writing, IL

"Hi everyone!  I'm a newlywed, an off-roading and camping junkie, a gym rat, and a college-published poet.  Catch me on Twitter @mudandink_."

Anna Royal

AP Lang & Comp Teacher, GA

"I've been teaching English for 17 years. For the past 12, I've taught AP Lang.  I also serve on the leadership team.  I've been honored as the Star Teacher twice."

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