Apps For English Teachers

TeachArgument is proud to offer a number of iPhone apps for English teachers — designed for teachers, by teachers — available in Apple’s App Store.  Many of these apps reflect the needs of English teachers we’ve surveyed, as well as requests we’ve received in response to our newsletter!  Please peruse the selection of apps for English teachers below, and enjoy!



English teachers across the planet are desperate for one common resource — time.  This, of course, makes sense; English teachers assign and grade exponentially more writing than teachers in any other content area.  So other than being intelligent about our assignment design, and short of building robots to grade our essays, what are we to do?

English Teacher Time Machine offers one possibility — that is, sustaining the momentum and focus of your grading process using a timing mechanism.  The steps are simple: (#1) calibrate your pace by grading one page as quickly as possible, (#2) enter the time machine and work to sustain your pace!  It’s simple, and more importantly, it works.  Click here to start shaving off the hours now!



Chances are, you’ve already downloaded English Teacher Fortune Cookie on your iPhone — one of the most popular apps for English teachers in the App Store.  If not, what are you waiting for?  English Teacher Fortune Cookie promises to a stab at reading your fortune in that witty, English teacher manner we’re all suckers for.  Savor your fortune, share with your colleagues, and rate the app to contribute your own ideas to the ever-growing pool of witticisms!  Check it out in the App Store by clicking the banner above, or by clicking here!



Writer’s Deck offers over two and a half million different possible creative writing prompts to help inspire your students.  Whether you are looking for a compelling writing task for your English classes, you teach creative writing, or you’re simply looking to spark some creativity in your own writing, Teach Argument’s Writer’s Deck will surely do the trick.  Click here to grab Writer’s Deck and start generating writing prompts now!



Rec Writer is a little known app that packs a powerful punch.  English teachers are notoriously asked to write two to three times as many letters of recommendation as teachers in other content areas.  Given their uncanny knack for writing, this usually isn’t a problem — but if you’ve ever written dozens of rec letters, you’re familiar with that brain-melting feeling.

Rec Writer provides a solution for all teachers by drawing from a pool of expertly crafted sentences for opening letters, building credibility, complimenting students, transitioning to anecdotes, and creating closure.  If you’re trying to get on a colleague’s good side, this is the app to share.  Check it out in the App Store by clicking the banner above, or by clicking here!



We’re happy to introduce English Teacher Fortune Cookie’s cute-but-booger-fingered little cousin, Elementary Teacher Fortune Cookie.  If you have any elementary teaching experience and/or sensibilities, this app guarantees a chuckle.  Check it out in the App Store by clicking the banner above, or by clicking here!



No, we aren’t suggesting that you find another job.  The Discerning Resume Writer is an app that randomly generates resume-appropriate adjectives and actions, as well as tips for good resume writing and “brain juice” for inspiration.  If you’re looking to spruce up your resume, look no further.  If your friends have been nagging you to help them spruce up their resumes, send them here first!  Check it out in the App Store by clicking the banner above, or by clicking here!



Finally, a better way to conduct classroom walkthroughs! (What on earth took so long?!) Lesson Snaps was designed by a team of teachers and administrators who are well versed in the classroom observation process, and who are determined to make the process more practical than ever.

Lesson Snaps allows observers to rate lessons on five criteria derived from the same principles that are emphasized in the newest teacher evaluation models: clarity, student-centeredness, assessment, student engagement, and classroom environment. Then, observers are able to email a summary of the report to either themselves, or to the observed teacher.  Find out what all the fuss is about and enhance the way you conduct classroom observations and walkthroughs now — click on the banner above, or check it out in the app store by clicking here!


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