Five Must-Reads For Teachers! 

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Whether you’re well versed in the world of current professional literature, you’re new to the classroom, or you’re simply trying to “shake the rust off,” we’ve compiled the following list of must-reads for educators who intend to knock it out of the park this school year. Without further ado, here is your handpicked list of awesome reads:


Teach Like A Pirate primarily explores strategies for student engagement through the “pirate” acronym: passion, immersion, rapport, ask & analyze, transformation, and enthusiasm.   You’ll find Teach Like A Pirate as pleasant to read (you’ll be happy to burn through it in a weekend) as practical for your classroom. Our favorite part? The compelling “hooks” Burgess includes toward the end of the book – immediately implementable to heighten student engagement and success!


The most ubiquitous challenge that teachers face – across all countries and states, across socioeconomic lines, across content areas and grade levels – is that of not having enough time. Meadows’ ebook provides a battery of practical strategies that instantly increase productivity and open up huge swathes of time in your day. If you’re looking to squash that stress before it begins, look no further than Time Hacking For Teachers.  (**You can grab Time Hacking For Teachers here for a limited-time 20% discount!!**)


While perhaps most well-known for his work targeting school leaders (e.g. his 2014 book, Digital Leadership), Sheninger shifts his focus to the integration of new media and digital tools to promote student learning in UnCommon Learning. Whether your building has gone 1-to-1 or you’re simply looking to promote engagement and learning through technology, UnCommon Learning promises to help guide your way!


You certainly know Sir Ken Robinson from his work regarding creativity and modern education – and his viral YouTube video on “changing education paradigms.” In Creative Schools, Robinson and Aronica take a deep dive into the necessities of creativity – why it’s essential, how it should be taught, and how it can be measured. If you’re looking to engage in deep thinking about how our systems for educating kids might be improved, Creative Schools is a great place to start.


Penny Kittle’s Book Love has had sweeping impacts on the classrooms of every teacher to whom I’ve lent my copy. In short, Kittle describes several highly compelling strategies for fostering a love for reading in all students. The result? You’ll be able to ask any student in your building what they’re reading – and each will actually have a unique and inspired answer for you. (As a companion piece, consider checking out Kelly Gallagher’s Readicide: How Schools Are Killing Reading and What You Can Do About It…!)


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