Counterargument Lesson Plan

The counterargument is one of the most notoriously challenging concepts for English teachers to teach, and for students to learn.  The counterargument lesson plan that follows has been designed, tested, and refined to better help students understand “counterargument” as a complex and delicate rhetorical strategy, rather than the simple mentioning of an opposing viewpoint.  Simply put, this is a rockstar counterargument lesson plan, whether you’re just introducing the concept to your 6th graders or you’re cementing understanding in your AP seniors.

Begin by watching the counterargument lesson in the video embedded below.  (You can use this clip with your students, or you can download the slideshow and lead it yourself.)  Then, use the CounterPunch” lesson materials to give students the opportunity to practice and master counterargument!

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Counterargument lesson plan

CounterPunch materials are immediately usable — just print, copy, distribute, and watch the magic unfold.  Spanning sixteen pages, these materials include:

  • A detailed and visually appealing “instructions” page
  • A “practice round” (based on the ice cream metaphor in the video lesson embedded above)
  • Five unique “boxing rounds” designed to provide students an opportunity to practice and master the counterargument (each round includes a scenario and six unique audiences/circumstances)
  • A rubric to be used for self- and peer-assessment

What makes this counterargument lesson plan so special?

  • First and foremost, it works!
  • Built on a student-centered framework (revolves around collaborative small-group work and peer-assessment)
  • Incorporates elements of game-based learning in order to spark and sustain student engagement
  • Addresses the most prominent misconceptions and pitfalls associated with “counterargument”

So what are you waiting for?  Add this awesome counterargument lesson plan to your repertoire now!

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