FunBox (Oct2015)


Availability of Digital English Teacher Fun Box has been temporarily extended!  Grab your Fun Box while you can!

So what exactly is the English Teacher Fun Box?  It is precisely that!  A glorious package of English teacher glee, freshly packed by the TeachArgument elves and shipped immediately to your inbox!  This little treasure promises to help you teach your students to think critically, to analyze all forms of writing through a rhetorical lens, and to have fun all along the way.  Choose the package that best suits your needs!


The Basics.  $29.99
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The Basics makes for a fast and easy upgrade to your English classroom (and serves as an excellent gift for your favorite English teacher)!  The Basics includes the following items, delivered digitally immediately:

  • One digital copy of Argumatch: Synthesis Card Game ($18.99 value)
  • One digital copy of Fantasy Talkball: Gamified Class Discussions ($11.99 value)
  • One digital copy of Reading Bolt: Gamfied Independent Reading ($11.99 value)


The Standard.  $49.99
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The Standard consists of everything that comes with The Basics, followed by an additional swaddling of English teacher glory.  This bundle extends the rigor fostered in The Basics by grounding segments of instruction in inquiry learning and synthesis writing.  The icing on the cake? Even greater savings.  In addition to The Basics, you’ll receive:

  • The Rhetomatic: Teaching Rhetorical Analysis Through Structured Inquiry ($9.99 value)
  • Two “research & synthesis” lessons thematically structured around two high-interest (and surprisingly rigorous) topics: zombies and video games respectively.  These research and synthesis lessons are grounded in the core and designed to prepare students for next-generation tests — unavailable by any other means!  ($19.98 value)


The Deluxe.  $74.99
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The Deluxe entails everything included in The Standard, followed by a third layer of engagement, wonder, and delight.  This bundle was designed with particular attention to heightening student engagement and making rhetorical analysis accessible to all learners.  You’ll notice that its additional glory is largely driven by its focus on teaching through popular culture.  The Deluxe includes everything detailed in The Basics and The Standard, as well as:

  • Teaching argument with Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” lesson ($4.99)
  • Teaching argument with Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” lesson ($4.99)
  • Teaching argument with Nick Jonas’s “Jealous” lesson ($4.99)
  • Teaching argument with Sam Smith’s “Not The Only One” lesson ($4.99)
  • The Big Game Lesson Bundle: Teaching Rhetorical Analysis With Commercials ($9.99)

What are you waiting for?  Grab your English Teacher Fun Box while you can!!

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