Research shows that your child’s ability to read will ultimately be responsible for many of the opportunities he or she will have later in life. Literacy is significantly correlated with general intelligence!


  1. There is no substitute for an excellent teacher. Our best teachers can help students develop at double the pace of their average peers.
  2. Ensure that your child is reading and reading and reading! One thing we know increases children’s reading ability is practice!


Teach Argument focuses the vast majority of its efforts on helping the best teachers get even better. Unfortunately, we can’t ensure that every child has the opportunity to work with the very best teachers – and neither can you.

Your solution? Take advantage of the same materials used by those top-performing teachers to help your child excel at home!


Our most popular product among discerning parents is UNLOCKABLES. In short, “Unlockables” is an achievement-based badge system that allows you to reward your child for reading and writing with trading-card sized “achievements.”


The results have been astounding. You’ll see your child begin to read and write with growing enthusiasm as he or she seeks to unlock more achievements with the same eagerness previously reserved for video games and trendy toys.


Unlockables is delivered instantly and digitally as a PDF containing 100 full-color achievement cards. You’ll be able to hone in on different writing skills, foster a love for reading, and ensure that your child has the edge in literacy and learning!

Say goodbye to summer reading loss… say goodbye to below grade level reading scores… say goodbye to complaints about reading and writing… 

Transform your child’s reading and writing experience NOW for only $14.99!!

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