Lesson Plan Templates

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So, you’re looking for a lesson plan template.  And not just any lesson plan template.  (I mean, anyone can heap an instructional to-do list together, right?)  What you’re looking for is something better… something brighter, prettier, smarter, and faster than all those that came before it.  Lucky for you, we’ve boiled lesson planning down to a science, and we’ve developed a variety of lesson plan templates that will have you kicking yourself for ever having written your plans any other way.

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Lesson Description

#1. The Standard Lesson Plan Template.

Standard Lesson Plan Template

“The Standard” is, as you may have guessed, the most widely used lesson plan template — and with good reason.  This template is easy to use, easy to customize, and, perhaps best of all, it looks great.  If you’re looking for an easily customized format that is as thorough as it is aesthetically pleasing, regardless of grade level or content area, “The Standard” lesson plan template is for you.


#2. The Sophisticated.

Sophisticated Lesson Plan Template

“The Sophisticated” lesson plan template spices things up a bit!  This particular template is flexible in that it’s made of easily customizable tables.  Changing headings, adding rows, and planning for entire units has never been easier.  You’ll also notice that there is additional gridding present for each lesson, making it easier to structure the timing of your lesson.  (Have an issue with over-planning?  You’ll instantly fall in love with this template!  Moving to a new schedule with longer or shorter periods?  This is the template you’re looking for!)


#3. The Streamline.

The Streamline Lesson Plan Template

“The Streamline” lesson plan template is our favorite of the bunch.  Use this sucker once and you’ll wonder how you ever wrote lesson plans without it.  This Word document offers all essential lesson plan criteria with corresponding text fields to be easily plugged in.  Our favorite part?  The CCSS ELA standards for grades 6 – 12 are all indicated by checkboxes at the top of the template.  That means no more digging through endless standards and no more messy copy and paste antics — just tons of time saved.  Yes, English teachers — this is the lesson plan template you’ve been waiting for.

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