Teach Argument With Instagram!

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Over the past decade, social media has transformed the manner in which information is produced and distributed across the globe.  For our purposes, this has made for some compelling opportunities to analyze authentic arguments produced by powerful politicians, celebrities, and more.  We’ve had success teaching argument with Twitter in the past, and in this lesson bundle, we shift our focus to the rhetoric of Instagram.


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Lesson Description

Part of the beauty of this particular lesson bundle is that it is “evergreen” — that is, students will always be interested in unpacking the arguments posed across Instagram posts, regardless of the time of year… and, of course, there is never a shortage of new fodder to fuel these analyses.  This particular lesson bundle spans 13 pages, and includes:

  • An Instragram “demographic” analysis (how “audience” works on Instagram)
  • Additional audience-focused analytical tasks, specific to popular Instagram accounts
  • Visual analysis (how arguments are posed and delivered on Instagram via purposeful images)
  • Exercises that prompt students to conduct an analysis of occasion and satire
  • Discussion and analytical prompts that focus on purpose (…which can be quite interesting when considering the tremendous popularity of cats and pet accounts on social media in general)
  • Discussion and analysis prompts focused on politics and Instagram
  • …and more!

Grab this bundle “a la carte” for just $4.99 — OR — join the TeachArgument Community to gain instant access to this, and ALL of our other resources!



Lesson Features

Grades 8 - 12


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