Teach Argument With Master of Puppets

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Metallica’s 1986 hit song “Master of Puppets” quickly became world-renowned for its thrash-metal riffs, its lightning-fast guitar licks, and its powerful lyrics.  We, of course, are here for the lyrics.

In an unprecedented pop cultural phenomenon, the tremendous worldwide popularity of Stranger Things catapulted “Master of Puppets” back to the top of the charts nearly thirty years after its release… so if you were looking for an excuse to engage your students in close reading and rhetorical analysis using Metallica, the time is now!

This lesson includes an extensive guided analysis (spanning 8 pages — to be done independently, in small groups, or jigsawed), as well as a targeted exercise focused on unpacking message and purpose.

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Lesson Features

Grades: 9-12+ (warning: references to drugs and addiction in the lyrics)
Focus Close Reading, Rhetorical Analysis, Message & Purpose


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