Teach Argument With Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, integrating augmented reality technology and gaming in such a manner that allows players to “catch Pokemon” in the real-world… using their smart phones, of course.

But, for every Pokemon Go addict, there is an equal and opposite critic of the game.  The result — is great news for anyone striving to teach argument with engaging content.

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Lesson Description


This lesson bundle is divided into three parts:

  • Part one focuses on the rhetorical analysis of Amy Butcher’s NYT opinion piece, “Pokemon Go See The World In Its Splendor.”
  • Part two prompts students to conduct additional resources — including quality Op/Ed pieces (similar to Butcher’s) and sources unrelated to Pokemon, but relevant to students’ arguments (i.e. studies about the importance of sunlight, studies about the harmful effects of screen time, etc.).  This section culminates with an argumentative essay prompt.
  • Part three brings a little game-based learning into the mix.  Students are prompted to create “Argumon” of their own (…that’s right… Argumon…) based on rhetorical devices to which they are assigned.  Completed Argumon must include scannable QR codes defining their rhetorical devices.  Once students turn these in, you can photocopy the little critters, hide them throughout the school, and let the fun begin.

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Lesson Features

Grades Geared toward high school, adaptable for middle school
Objectives Argument, research, and synthesis


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