The Flipbook: Guided Rhetorical Analysis

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Introducing The Flipbook: Guided Rhetorical Analysis and Close Reading Glory… and yes, it is as awesome as it sounds.  The Flipbook was designed to scaffold the process of conducting a comparative rhetorical analysis and close reading for your students.  It is a PERFECT homework assignment anytime you’d like your students to analyze and synthesize two texts or two speakers.  (Political debate, anyone?)

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Lesson Description

You already know that The Flipbook provides students with a structured framework for comparing and contrasting two texts or speakers, that it scaffolds the rhetorical analysis process, and that it prompts students to engage in close reading…

But, you’re wondering how it works.  In short, The Flipbook is a “pamphlet” (consisting of three double-sided pages… six sides in total…) that folds to create five tabs for your students: Reference, Rhetorical Triangle, Rhetorical Devices, Close Reading, and Synthesis & Analysis.  Each tab contains its own scaffolds and prompts to promote student engagement with the texts at hand.

The Flipbook works wonderfully as a reusable framework for analysis — perfect for homework.  Simply assign two texts and let your kiddos tear them apart a la Flipbook.  Paired speeches on YouTube work just as well as written texts… and live political debates are, perhaps, the most fun of all.

Grab The Flipbook now for only $5.99!

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Lesson Features

Grades Middle and secondary; Flexible based on texts
Focus Rhetorical analysis; close reading; synthesis


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