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Reading Bolt represents an effort to practically extend the mounting research on gamification into education.  (For more on gamification, click herehere, or here.  To delve into a few counterarguments, click here.)

In short, Reading Bolt is a flexible framework that strives to encourage students to read more — that is, a greater quantity of books at a higher text complexity — by leveraging some of the features that make games so compelling.  (If you’re not sold on the notion that independent reading is essential to students’ success, convince yourself here.  If you’re a bit foggy on text complexity, refresh your memory here.)

Picture this:  It’s Wednesday morning, you’re sitting in homeroom, and you’re thumbing through Laurie Halse Anderson’s Chained.  You finished the book last night, which is thrilling, considering it was a great read and it earned you 780 bolts.  You were at 3,500 last week — a level 4 novice — and already you’ve broached 4,000.  But if you want to level up, to leave your novice status behind and to transcend into level 5 as a scholaryou’ll have to complete the literacy quest given to you by the game-master this afternoon.  Your thoughts are disrupted by the morning announcements as they come over the loudspeaker.  Jonathan is congratulated for achieving scholar status.  Lindsay has leveled up after reading three works of non-fiction.  And you, having completed your second piece of historical fiction, have just been deemed “master.”  Nice! An announcement is also made indicating that any books completed today are worth double bolts!  YES!

Exit dreamscape.  Enter Reading Bolt.

When you purchase this game, you’ll receive all materials digitally and immediately via email.  Materials include:

  • A “teacher’s manual” describing (1) the theory supporting gamified independent reading and (2) detailed instructions for gameplay.
  • Our most popular framework of points, levels, and challenges used (as a fully editableWord document).
  • JPGs of “Player Cards” that can be printed and used by students to track their own progress!  (We’ve found that most teachers opt to print these as business cards via VistaPrint for next to nothing.)

Purchase Reading Bolt for $11.99 today!  Buy now and gamify your independent reading program tomorrow!

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