Research & Synthesis: Teach Inquiry, Rhetorical Analysis, & Argument Writing

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Research Simulation Task

We consider research and synthesis to be two of the most cognitively demanding processes associated with English class, and with academic thinking at large.  In recent years, an emphasis has rightly shifted toward these skills, evident in the Common Core, but also in next generation standardized tests (e.g. the new SAT’s essay question, PARCC’s “Research Simulation Task,” and so on).

Standardized testing and state standards aside, these are some heavy hitting skills.  They can be tough to teach and tough to learn, but the payoff is huge and your students will reap the associated benefits for the duration of their lives.  (Sounds worthwhile when you put it that way, doesn’t it?)

Long story short, here’s what you can expect to find in your Research & Synthesis bundle:

  • Four research & synthesis units
  • High interest research topics (college ed, steroids, standardized testing, technology)
  • Learning tasks that require students to evaluate sources from a rhetorical standpoint (for credibility and purpose)
  • Discussion and writing tasks that demand analytical thinking and synthesis

It’s important to note that each of these four units require students to engage in the same kinds of tasks, but with different subject area focal points.  As such, these units can easily be used interchangeably or simultaneously in “jigsaw” fashion.

All units are yours immediately via instant download and are formatted as PDFs and as 100% editable Word documents.

Teach your students to conduct research the right way.  Put the days of month-long research projects behind you.  Grab your Research & Synthesis bundle now to engage your kids in short, rigorous, and highly engaging inquiry learning for a reduced price of $14.99!

[Note: This bundle does not include the two Research & Synthesis tasks (Video Games & Zombies) that are included in the English Teacher Fun Box.]

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