Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"

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Whether you’re having a difficult time resisting integrating Poe into your AP Lang class or you’re simply looking for a new take on teaching “The Raven,” look no further.  This lesson provides students a structured framework for closely reading and explicating “The Raven” with elements of rhetoric at the forefront of their analysis.

Yes, the entire poem is embedded in the materials themselves!  Yes, an analytical writing prompt is included!  And yes, we’ve included a synthesis essay prompt for good measure!

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Lesson Description

What you can expect to find in this lesson set:

  • A structured framework for students to analyze “The Raven” piece by piece — promoting close reading, and scaffolded by guiding questions where appropriate
  • An analytical essay prompt (immediately following the rhetorical analysis of “The Raven”)
  • A synthesis essay prompt that provides students the choice between two additional poems (one by Poe, another by Shakespeare, both embedded in the prompt itself)

As always, you’ll receive a PDF and an editable Word Doc version of the lesson so that you can personalize the lesson to your liking, and for your students’ needs!

Grab this lesson now for just $4.99!

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Lesson Features

Grades Secondary and AP
Lesson Focus Close reading; Rhetorical Analysis; Analytical Writing; Synthesis Writing


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