Teach Argument With Taylor Swift's "Lover"

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Taylor Swift’s hit song, “Lover,” provides us with a great opportunity to engage in close reading and rhetorical analysis.  What’s more, in this bundle, you’ll find resources for teaching rhetorical analysis using the SPACECAT acronym, understanding exigence, and identifying line of reasoning.  This is a flexible lesson that can be adapted across grade levels, but that was designed to shine in AP Language & Composition.  Check out more details regarding the contents of this lesson below!

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Lesson Description

Wondering what you can expect from this lesson bundle?  This resource is PACKED!  Here’s what you’ll find:

  • A guided close reading that pairs excerpted lyrics from “Lover” with guiding questions for rhetorical analysis — spanning five pages!
  • A “SPACE CAT” exercise that prompts students to utilize the SPACE CAT (speaker, purpose, audience, context, exigence, choices, appeals, tone) acronym to unpack the lyrics.  This exercise also includes guiding questions to scaffold students’ use of the SPACE CAT acronym.
  • An exercise designed to assist students in understanding the differences between exigence, kairos, constraints, and purpose.  This activity utilizes a graphic organizer, and includes guiding questions for each facet of analysis.
  • A graphic organizer to scaffold students’ thinking as they identify the line of reasoning in the lyrics.
  • A compare and contrast essay prompt that prompts students to analyze and compare two similar texts.
  • A second essay prompt that asks students to utilize the same texts to compose a synthesis essay (synthesizing the ideas and composing their own argument).

This bundle is adaptable across grade levels, but was specifically designed to knock it out of the park in AP Lang.  These resources are engaging, rigorous, and awesome — so, grab them now!

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Lesson Features

Grade(s) 8-12, focus on AP Lang
Focus Close reading, Rhetorical analysis, Exigence, Line of reasoning, Synthesis, SPACECAT


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