Teach Argument With Budweiser's 2017 Super Bowl Ad

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Budweiser aired what turned out to be a controversial commercial during the 2017 Super Bowl.  The controversy is largely in light of President Trump’s immigration ban, which provides an excellent opportunity to teach students about kairos (i.e. using an occasion to ensure your argument lands a clean punch), as well as many facets of rhetorical analysis.  (Check out our rhetorical analysis video — embedded below!)


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Lesson Description

These resources are designed to teach rhetorical analysis using Budweiser’s popular (and controversial) “immigration commercial” that aired during the 2017 Super Bowl.  Here’s what you can expect from the materials in this bundle:

  • A structured close reading framework that prompts students to analyze various still frames / scenes / pieces of dialogue throughout the course of the commercial.
  • A close reading activity that places eight pieces of text from the commercial side-by-side with alternative examples — designed to promote a nuanced analysis of word choice and purposeful language.
  • A small group activity that prompts students to consider various audiences.  (Three versions of this learning task, with three different audiences, for three different groups.)
  • A “retro-analysis” that asks students to reconsider the argument posed by Budweiser’s commercial in light of new consumer information.

Couple these resources with our rhetorical video analysis — embedded below!

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Lesson Features

Grades Secondary (9 - 12)
Focus Close Reading, Kairos, Rhetorical Analysis


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