Teach Argument with Budweiser's "A Clydesdales Journey"

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For years, Budweiser has run commercials during the Super Bowl that feature a Labrador puppy and a Clydesdale horse. In 2022, the company ran a Super Bowl commercial that featured the same iconic duo, but with a new twist in the story.

This lesson bundle uses the 2022 commercial, “A Clydesdale’s Journey,” as a central text for close reading, rhetorical analysis, and comparative analysis.

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Lesson Description

Wondering exactly what this lesson bundle entails? Look no further. You can expect:

– A guided analysis that pairs still-frames with guiding questions to scaffold students’ close reading of the commercial.
– A comparative analysis that prompts students to unpack the 2022 commercial side-by-side with the Budweiser puppy ad that started it all.
– A comparative analysis writing prompt that asks students to unpack the rhetorical power of “dog-as-device” across multiple Budweiser Super Bowl commercials.

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Lesson Features

Grades 9 - 12+
Focus Visual rhetoric, Rhetorical analysis, Comparative analysis, Close reading


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