Teach Argument with Ed Sheeran's "The Joker and The Queen"

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Ed Sheeran’s hit song, “The Joker and The Queen,” provides us with a lovely argument that’s layered with rhetorical devices for students to unpack — the most obvious being, of course, an extended metaphor. What’s more, a remix of the original featuring Taylor Swift adds complexity by inserting a second argument into the first. This lesson bundle spans nine pages and includes five different comprehensive activities — scroll down to learn more about the lesson itself!

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Lesson Description

Wondering exactly what you can expect to find in this lesson bundle? Look no further. This bundle includes:

  • A “bigger picture” introductory analysis that prompts students to begin unpacking the argument by considering the title alone
  • A four-page guided analysis that pairs excerpts from the song with guiding questions for discussion, analysis, and close reading
  • An activity that asks students to unpack the rhetorical triangle after conducting an in-depth close reading
  • A comparative analysis that asks students to analyze and synthesize the remixed version of the song (i.e. Taylor Swift’s verse) with the original argument that was composed
  • An intertextual analysis that prompts students to compare, contrast, and synthesize “The Joker and The Queen” with another very well known and popular argument

This lesson bundle rocks!  You can purchase this lesson for just $4.99 — OR, join TeachArgument for 24/7 access to ALL of our resources! Register here!



Lesson Features

Focus Close Reading, Rhetorical Analysis, Comparative Analysis
Grades 9 - 12+


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