The Rubric Revolution & The Rubric Cube!

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Brilliant rubrics for brilliant teachers.  This bundle includes several iterations of both our analytical rubric and our argumentative writing rubric.  Each iteration is specifically designed to serve a variety of specific purposes — ranging form grading speed to student input to skill mastery.  Our rhetorical analysis rubric is distilled from CollegeBoard’s 9-point AP rubric, providing a meaningful way to give students feedback on analytical writing in any secondary English course.  Whether you teach freshmen or AP seniors, you’ll wish you’d found these rubrics sooner!


Our rubrics are also designed to streamline the process of giving students an opportunity to modify the grading criteria — something that the vast majority of teacher-evaluation frameworks qualify as “highly effective.”  Looking to bolster your next evaluation?  Look no further.


In addition to the awesome rubrics, this bundle also includes TeachArgument’s RUBRIC CUBE — an activity that combines peer editing, revision, and reflection in a manner that promises to engage your students and to improve their writing.  (To learn more about the RUBRIC CUBE, scroll down!)


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Lesson Description

Rubric Cube

Here’s what you can expect to find in this awesome rubric bundle:

  • A “teacher’s guide” detailing the nuances of each rubric, as well as instructions for the Rubric Cube activity
  • A four-point analytical writing rubric, distilled from the criteria utilized by CollegeBoard’s 9-point AP English rubric.  (Perfect whether you’re seeking to provide AP students with more specific analytical feedback rather than a vague score out of 9, or if you’re simply looking for a top-notch analytical writing rubric!)
  • Two additional versions of that rubric that provide opportunities for student input and for including an additional writing focus (teacher’s choice).  These iterations also include innovative opportunities for weighting different elements of the rubric.
  • A four-point argument writing rubric, designed to (1) provide students with clarity regarding the argumentative structures their essays should include, and (2) streamline the scoring process for teachers.
  • Two additional versions of that rubric that provide opportunities for student input and for including an additional writing focus (teacher’s choice).  These iterations also include innovative opportunities for weighting different elements of the rubric.ActualRubricCube
  • A peer-editing exercise designed to empower the writer and to help focus the reader.
  • THE RUBRIC CUBE!  Our FAVORITE peer editing exercise!  In short, students contribute to a three-dimensional “rubric cube” as they assess their peers’ essays.  Then, students must reflect on their feedback and revise their writing in order to “solve the cube.”  All necessary templates and instructions and provided.  Your students will, without question, LOVE this exercise.

Grab this entire bundle (all the rubrics in editable Word and PDF format, a peer-editing exercise, and THE RUBRIC CUBE lesson) for $5.99!

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Lesson Features

Grade(s) Secondary; Perfect for AP and any kind of analytical or argumentative writing
Focus Analytical writing; rhetorical analysis; argument writing


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