Superpowers For English Teachers

As an English teacher, you’re a superhero in your own right.  Every day is a new adventure in which you’re faced with unimaginable obstacles — not limited to the evil-doers in the literature you teach.  As you continue your epic crusade into the hearts and minds of your students, make sure you’re equipped with these superpowers for surefire success:


Superpower: Mind Control

How It Works:  Imagine having the ability to instantly stave off boredom, to foster a healthy passion for literature in even your most struggling readers, and to inspire a burning desire in every student to participate in class.  “Mind control” sounds a lot like a cure-all for most of our educational woes; can it be too good to be true?

How To Harness It: Cutting edge educational research shows that inquiry and problem-based learning are among the most effective strategies for developing critical thinking skills.  Further, the bulk of the work being done in the field of game-based learning suggests that the high quality engagement and rigor associated with well-crafted game designs represent the future of education.

Your Solution:


The English Teacher Fun Box is a digital bundle of high quality games, frameworks, and lesson structures that no English teacher should be without.  The Fun Box Standard bundle includes:

  • Argumatch: The Literary Synthesis Card Game ($18.99)
  • Fantasy Talkball: Gamified Class Discussions ($11.99)
  • Reading Bolt: Game-based Framework For Independent Reading ($11.99)
  • Rhetomatic: Introducing Rhetoric With Structured Inquiry ($9.99)
  • Zombies – Research & Synthesis Unit: Teaching Research, Rhetoric, and Synthesis Writing ($9.99)
  • Video Games – Research & Synthesis Unit: Teaching Research, Rhetoric, and Synthesis Writing ($9.99)

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Fun Box: The Standard is available for $49.99 for a limited time!  Take advantage of these savings now!


Superpower: Superhuman Strength

How It Works:  While superhuman strength can’t help you to freeze time, it can certainly help you save it.  And more time means more everything — deeper learninghigher scores, and increased rigor.  (A nifty byproduct of superhuman strength?  Less time spent developing lesson plans, more time spent doing the things you love — like walking your dog, playing with your kids, or jamming on guitar.  Now that is superhuman strength!)

How To Harness It:  Stand on the shoulders of giants.  There are a multitude of resources available on the internet, and while many are of questionable quality, you’ll be thrilled to see the high caliber lessons we’ve developed on your behalf.

Your Solution:


These Premium Lesson Bundles are:

  • Specifically focused on teaching rhetorical analysis and argumentative writing
  • Fully aligned to the Common Core State Standards
  • Optimized to teach skills pertinent to next-generation tests such as PARCC and SmarterBalanced via comparable learning tasks
  • Structured around pedagogical strategies associated with the upper echelon of learner-centered teacher evaluation models such as Danielson and Marzano
  • Grounded in the most popular works of literature taught in schools, rather than sporadic non-fiction

Each bundle includes a total of thirty rockstar lessons, organized by novel.  Invest in your students, your career, and your life — Grab your bundle at the discounted price of $39.99 now!

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Superpower: Supernatural Agility

How It Works:  You’re quick on your feet, you’re always on the cutting edge, and you when the going gets tough, you get going.  This is the stuff that classroom engagement is made of!  Fresh content, authentic performance tasks, and a meaningful relevance to students’ lives!

How To Harness It:  Keeping content fresh and assessments “authentic” requires two key components: (1) a comprehensive knowledge of your students’ lives, interests, and passions, and (2) an awareness and understanding of the latest and greatest research-based pedagogical strategies.  This can take a lot of work, but you’re in luck…

Your Solution:


The easiest way to keep a constant cutting edge?  Let TeachArgument do all the work for you.  We offer a host of classroom materials that leverage popular culture — but our customers are automatically subscribed to receive these materials for free as they are released!

So what are you waiting for?  Carpe diem and snag your English Teacher Fun Box and Lesson Bundles NOW!  


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