Teach Argument With Indie Bands

Indie music plays a very interesting role when analyzing argumentative writing, because it targets a much different audience than general pop songs do.  This lesson bundle prompts students to consider audience, to engage in close reading, and to analyze arguments using indie bands such as Foster The People, Death Cab For Cutie, and Radiohead.

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Lesson Description

The foundation of the “Teach Argument With Indie Bands” lesson is build on Foster The People’s song and music video, “Sit Next To Me.”  Students are prompted to:

  • Conduct a close reading of the lyrics through the lens of rhetorical analysis
  • Analyze the music video with particular attention to the use of Instagram as rhetorical device
  • Consider how audience plays a part in the development and delivery of messages and arguments posed by indie bands (e.g. what changes if an indie song becomes popular with a mainstream crowd?  In what ways is the argument itself impacted?  Might the speaker, in a sense, lose control of his or her original argument?)
  • Interweaving arguments across popular indie bands, including Death Cab For Cutie and Radiohead.

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Lesson Features

Grades 9 - 12+
Focus Rhetorical analysis; Considering audience; SOAPSTone